we help turn this moment of time

into a lifetime.

collecting what you’re owed is no laughing matter

We are known for   our superior service in the oversight of our clients’ agreements and payment terms. We actively review and analyze each contract to ensure 100 percent compliance and proper allocation of expenses.

Because every contract is different, there can be many factors that lead to inaccurate or under reporting, such as: 

  • Incorrect or decreased royalty rates
  • Understated foreign rates, prices and/or uplifts
  • Unreported third party license fees
  • Account expenses applied in excess of contractual amounts
  • Unapplied products to contracts
  • Unlicensed and uncleared songs
  • Excess reserve withholdings and liquidations
  • Excess free goods and price discounts

We bring a combined 50 years of industry experience in the review of your royalty or participation statements by analyzing all aspects to ensure contractual compliance in a timely manner.

Our Services Include: