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accounting and taxes are not black and white

As the saying goes, there are three things in life that are certain: birth, taxes and death.

Tax planning should be viewed as a strategy that starts with a comprehensive assessment from the start of any career or business venture, not as an afterthought. Our in-house Certified Public Accountants carry licenses in multiple states, given that tax laws are among some of the most complicated policies ever written and require an understanding of those laws on a national and international level. No matter your industry, even if you’re paid beyond our borders, there are distinct tax implications.

At Tri Star, we are thoroughly experienced in capturing all the deductible expenses allowed by your particular profession. We strive to minimize your tax liabilities and maximize your earnings, providing a greater retention of your income.

Creating and executing effective tax planning is the core of what we do as your personal Chief Financial Officer. We can customize a plan specific to your industry and personal goals.

Our Services Include: